Just waiting for the stretcher service to pick me up. I’m so glad they got me a bed. I am going to the St. Boniface Hospital for a few days – maybe longer. We shall see.

All checked in now. Very nice private room on the 8th floor. Free tv, phone and VCR/DVD and a fridge. Another beautiful day here.

The day flew by. Spent most of it on pain meds and napping. Ron was here for quite some time – watching me sleep. I ate some lunch but turned out to be way too much as I was really uncomfortable all afternoon. Decided to skip supper. Getting all prepped for CT Scan tomorrow. have an IV running as I am dehydrated.,

A Reprieve and Other Updates

From all the sickness and pain I have been in the past few weeks. The palliative Dr. is coming to see me at 9 am today. Hopefully we can put an end to this circle of madness. Can’t eat, little sleep, pain, constipation, diarrhea, vomiting, etc. all caused by the various meds I am on. Crazy. Haven’t felt like reading, writing or anything. Even my big book came today, but I am waiting until I feel better to open it. Ron has been fussing so much over me – every hour he’s in making sure I am covered and have water. He tends to wake me up … Right now I can hear him making toast. He’s not getting much sleep either. Anyhow, I think I will lie down again – thankyou Deb for keeping all posted. Nite you all, ya’all hons!!

The Dr. thinks I have fluid on my lungs and some kind of blockage in my bowel/intestines. He is just writing some new prescriptions and then will be leaving. As soon as a bed opens up – I will be going into the hospital for a few days to get all this sorted out. That will be a relief. What’s happening to me is not an emergency – but it is urgent. Can’t wait to feel better.

Can you believe the Dr. was here for almost 2 hours. Then when he left he was personally taking my new prescriptions over to the pharmacy at Superstore. Ron just left to go and pick them up. The nurses are on their way over. We are still going to try the enema – it may help. No harm anyway.

Oh, and Ron resigned from his new job – just not good timing right now.

They may have a bed for me after midnight tonight. I would take a stretcher service to get there. They want me in the St. Boniface as everything’s there – MRI etc, etc. I am listening to them – although Riverview is a nicer location – they don’t have everything there.

I have been really hoping to hear from them as I am all psyched to go, but it’s 9:30 now and still no word. Dang

Just Tired Now

We seem to have the nausea under control, and I have been able to eat again. Love my Dr. and the nurses at Buhler. They got after me for not letting them know right away that I wasn’t feeling well. They told me to call anytime and they will fit me in. What a great group.

Deb came over and babysat me the other day.
IMG_3514.JPG She made us a delicious lunch and did my dishes and laundry. I had no energy that day – and she was my angel.

Ron is home from his second day on the job now. He’s learning more about baking. Today he made dinner rolls and cake. The rolls were really good – tender and tasty. It seems to be going well, his eyes are still a problem but he is working through it. I feel so bad for the poor guy – if only we’d win a lottery. In 2 weeks he gets another Botox – so as usual, we are hoping.

Thanksgiving will be very quiet this year. We were going to have our neighbour over, but now that Ron’s back to work and working until 7:00 well …

Everyday I get a little stronger, so maybe tomorrow I can get outside for a walk. It has been a beautiful fall here – and still lots of green leaves on the trees. Maybe I will take Chester out – he sure misses his papa cuz papa is his best and favorite toy!!

Switchin’ up the Meds

But only know the possibilities today – so will post the details tomorrow after the Dr.

One thing I do know is they are switching my regular nausea meds for gravol. Going to try that for a few days. Because I have hardly eaten, my wedding ring is starting to fall right off. Not good.

Chester just got back from his manicure – so have to pay attention to him!!

Feeling a Lot Better

Maybe the nurse was right and I did have a flu – because I am feeling a lot better now. I have been making sure to drink lots, but am not going to push it by adding food yet.

Thank you for the phone calls of concern – you guys are great!! (Even though I couldn’t stay on the phone)!

I’m Wondering

Maybe they should hospitalize me for a while til everything gets under control. Today, I was hungry again, ate a half sandwich but it didn’t stay down. My stomach is really achey caused probably by a little diarrhea. Sheesh – isn’t this fun stuff to read. And I know I need food, but farthest thing from my mind. Talk to Dr. on Thursday.

Just heard back from the nurse. She says it sounds like flu. They have no beds available right now. A nurse will be physically visiting me tomorrow.

Office of the Mayor


I received a very nice congratulatory letter today from the Mayor’s office. Unfortunately our postal carrier didn’t see the importance of it or the large DO NOT BEND stickers. Ron says he can iron the wrinkles out.


😃 Makes a gal feel special!

Half and Half

The day started off good. Was up at 8:00, felt well-rested and no nausea. After coffee and a trip to the store, things quickly changed. I still had one more item to pick up, but I called Ron and told him I was coming home. He wanted to walk over and get me, but I said I could make it and he met me in our parking lot. I thought I was going to be sick, so we got me back into bed where I slept for a while. I have zero appetite, and just force little bits of food here and there down, as I know I have to eat something. I thought that once I was off chemo, I would just start feeling better and better every day. That hasn’t been the case. I keep hoping that maybe tomorrow will be better, and I find myself hoping that again right now. Ron wants me to go to the hospital, but I don’t think that’s necessary cuz I just had my blood checked by our family doctor, and Thursday it will be checked again by Dr. O, my cancer dr. Please just make this nausea go away.

It’s an anniversary (of sorts) today. I tend to think of anniversaries as happy occasions, but I guess they commemorate the yearly date of any event. What I am referring to is one of the original five’s (that moved to Vancouver at 18) suicide. It’s been 19 years. She was only 45. Still a tragedy and always will be.

On that note, I bid you adieu. Happier days to come.

Ronnie Got the Job & More Party Stuff

Yup – they actually wanted him to start today, but he is starting next week. We got the message that he was hired right after we got home from the retirement party.

Was finally able to get some food down this morning. Haven’t had an appetite at all the past while and I will be talking to my Dr. about that this Thursday. Today, though, I think I will even be having some supper. It smells really good and my stomach is rumbling. Good signs.

Here is a better shot of the beautiful limited edition print I received from the City. So thoughtful – don’t know what place of honour we will hang it yet …IMG_3493.JPG

And … the cards 😍😍IMG_3497.JPG

Retirement Party


It’s after 7:00 now, and I am just finally recuperated from today’s events. It was a wonderful day.

Joannie and Bob picked us up and off we went downtown to City Hall. The lunch was being held in the Dynasty Building which has a beautiful pond and garden. As we were early, we spent some time admiring it. IMG_3429.JPG
Once inside we were ushered to one of the training rooms that they had outfitted for the party!! IMG_3436.JPG
People mingled until all were there. IMG_3433.JPGIMG_3431.JPG
Then the speeches – and gifts –
First Ashley …IMG_3459.JPG
Then Don. …IMG_3460.JPG
Then Rhonda (and Rhonda on behalf of Linda) …IMG_3466.JPG
Then it was my turn. I hope you notice the tiara says “Officially Retired”! A girl can never have too many tiaras! I started out very nervous and had to sit down to deliver it. I will put a copy of it at the very end. Anyhow, made it through, without hardly cracking, and then we had the delicious Greek food for lunch, followed by cake. IMG_3477.JPGIMG_3480.JPGIMG_3475.JPG

I received a gift card for Michaels YAY and a beautiful limited edition print of City Hall and Main Street back in the fifties. (I haven’t taken a pic of it yet – but I just love it). And a lovely flower arrangement from Karen B. (CUPE) along with a bouquet of daisies. How sweet is that!!

It was so great to see so many old friends!! So glad to retire with such wonderful memories. Thank you all. I am going to put some random pics of the day followed by my speech and call it a night. Thank you everyone!!








My speech:
Welcome, and Thank you all for coming.

Two and a half years ago when I left the office I had no idea that would be the last time I would log off from my city computer. I thought I was going for a serious, yet fairly routine surgery and would be back in a few weeks. The nightmare of a second emergency surgery, was immediately followed by two years of chemotherapy. Eventually, my body adjusted and the numerous different chemos quit working on me. The last treatment almost killed me and I am now on the Manitoba Health’s palliative care program. Contrary to the way people think about it, it is a program geared for living, and that’s exactly what I plan on doing. In fact, after 26 years of living together, Ron and I finally wed on August 3 of this year. It was a joyous occasion celebrated with 16 bridesmaids, most of whom I have known since junior high school or longer. They flew in from all across North America, as we had planned a reunion, and then decided to kick it up a notch with a wedding. It was a great day!!

I remember when I started with the City in June of 1983, I was so nervous I broke out in hives the night before my first day. In an attempt to hide them, I wore a long sleeved turtleneck sweater and long pants to work on that very hot summer day. I remember feeling very inappropriatly dressed as I got on the bus and headed to my new job at City Hall. I was filled with excitement and fear – what would they think of me? The first person to befriend me that day was Deborah Cole. She made me feel very welcome and to this day is still my dear friend. Sometime during that first day, the hives disappeared and I settled in for what turned out to be an almost 30 year ride. Some days were better than others, but I stuck it out and it eventually turned into me being able to do what I loved. I never had to drag myself into work – you sometimes had to drag me out!! The City and my managers (David Laird, Rhonda Tone, Gerry LeBleu, Jeannette Kozun; and gone but NEVER forgotten Peter Bennett and Mike Bresch) allowed me the freedom to do what I loved and even paid for my education to learn how to do it better. For that I am eternally greatful.

I will always have very fond memories of my time at the city and all the wonderful, committed people I had the privilege of meeting and working with. Thank you so much for that opportunity, as it’s not one that everybody gets. Embrace it while you can.

I would like to thank Linda Burch for her graciousness and generosity, Brenda Auch and Karen Heidinger for organizing this event in record time and Don Schau, Ashley Sokal and Ken Nawolsky for their continued support. Let’s be sure to keep in touch as you never know what tomorrow might bring. I know I will think of you often.

Wonderful Wednesday

Woohoo – had a really good sleep and feel way better today. Ronnie has gone to get our winter tires put on – seems so early, but the way the wind was howling last night, it won’t be long. 😫

Just going to kick back all day – Lorraine suggested I give myself a “spa day”, so I think I will take her advice. She is full of it!! 😉

Well, tomorrow is the retirement lunch. Looking forward to it. It sure came up fast!! Now I’m excited – let’s go now!!

Hair are Us

Cancelled my appointment at Cristalla’s for a waxing today. Too tired – also can hardly eat again. Managed to get down a half piece of toast and about 3/4 of a poached egg. Not good, but the nurse comes today so we will see what she has to say. Back in bed. 😒

The Wedding Photos are Here!!

A great big box arrived today from Jannie in Edmonton. In it was the MOST GORGEOUS PHOTO ALBUM waiting to be filled up with all the wedding photos.

Next week, Deb is going to come over and help me with it. Can’t wait !!

Jannie – you are one amazing lady. Can’t thank you enough for all that you do!!

Jannie Sent us a Link …

… to the most awesome book ever published. It is 111 pages, full of pictures and stories (written by Val) of our amazing reunion/wedding weekend. Most of us have already ordered ours … may be here mid-October. Can’t wait. The attention to detail in this book is amazing. I will share some of the pages here, but due to it’s length – won’t be able to publish the entire book on my blog. You will love it!!

It’s been a rather quiet, rainy Sunday. Good day for homesteading!!

This Thursday is my retirement party at work at noon. Joannie and Bob and Deborah will be there. I have written my (gulp) speech and am looking forward to getting on with it!!

Feelin’ Groovy

Yay – slept for four whole hours in a row last night!! What a difference in how I feel. Maybe because I was out and about quite a bit yesterday. Deb and I went to Costco and Home Depot. Got my Christmas cards and now can’t wait to send them!! First of December they are in the mail!!

Another gorgeous above normal day here – so we will be taking Chester out to enjoy it. He loves to chase the leaves!! Maybe I can get a short video – “Leaf it to Chester”! Should be a hot seller.

Have a good day ya’all!! 😃 This just in – Jannie has a surprise for us all!! Right Chester?IMG_3408.JPG